SIU Course Descriptions

Course: CI 212 Reading College Text
Credit Hours: 2
Instructor: Anthony Ianno

Description: Textbooks, supplemental materials, and evaluation instruments will be analyzed. Attention will be given to determining usability, feasibility, and teachability of instructional materials. The following factors will be investigated: content, structure and organization, concept density, conceptualization levels, readability and format.

Course: GSA 221 Survival of Man
Credit Hours: 3
Instructor: Anthony Ianno

Description: In this course, the material introduced to the students will stress the ethical, economic, technological and scientific issues and implications involved in environmental decisions. Emphasis will be placed on integrating these multidisciplinary topics into an environmental framework that the non-science major student can understand and appreciate. Students will gain skills in interpreting and understanding everyday coverage of environmental issues in the media through discussing and writing critiques of articles that discuss the pros and cons of various environmental issues.